Lake Printing Specification Sheet

disk formats accepted
  • Zip Disc (100 or 250 megabyte)
  • CD and DVD
send files and Retrieve proofs
Use Stuff-It (Mac) or Winzip (PC) file compression and send using MegaTrans.
Links for Send and Retrieve are at the top of each page of our website or you may click here:
         Send File      Retrieve Files or Proofs
PDF files
Jobs submitted to us in PDF format are considered plate-ready. Please contact us for the proper settings when submitting PDF files.
Image files
Scans: All color scans should be provided as CMYK and scanned at 100% of the size used in the printed piece. A resolution of at least 260 dpi is suggested. Grayscales need to be a minimum of 220 dpi. All line art scans need a resolution of at lease 600 dpi.
Vector: Save all vector art (Illustrator and Freehand) files in EPS format.
Use a standard 1/8" for bleeds
Include all Postscript or True Type fonts used in your document! (Include screen and printer fonts when submitting Postscript Type 1 fonts)
  • All fonts used in the document must be included on disk.
  • Don't forget fonts used in art or PDF files.
  • Provide a printed list of the disk contents.
  • Scale photographs in Photoshop before placing them in your page layout program.
  • Save TIFFS with LZW compression & save EPS files with "JPEG (maximum quality)" encoding.
  • Mark all folds, die cuts, perforations, etc. in document and on hard copy in RED.
Please check your document for adequate bleeds and always send a hard copy with files.

Please call Lake Printing at (903) 455-5045.